Cowboy Trails during Mint 400

Knowing just how awesome the Red Rock area MTB trails were, I brought my Rocky Mountain Altitude along for the trip.

I drove to Las Vegas Wednesday morning, hoping I would get there in time for the Mint parade down the Las Vegas Strip. By the time I reached Barstow, I knew that was not going to happen. This is where plan B kicked into gear. I rerouted my destination to the Cowboy Trails!

It had been raining from Temecula non-stop to stateline and Nevada showed some moisture on the road. I wasn’t too worried about the trail though, I knew conditions would be prime!

The run up the hill was pretty uneventful. It was wet, but it was mostly decomposed granite-like rocks that don’t cause mud. So it was actually pretty fun to ride through all that water. About 90% to the top however, conditions changed, big time.

Crazy wind moved in and the gusts were pretty ridiculous. I almost got completely blown off the bike a few times. It was a real bummer because it pretty much ruined boneshaker for me.

Take a look for yoursef:

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